Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome Black Carter

David, dancing with his shadow.

Ashley, David and I had plans to make it to Carter Sunday, though we awoke to "less than favorable" weather. Before Ashley could finish informing me that their plans had changed and that she and David were heading to the gym for a session, my head had already nestled back into my pile of feathers; the faint hollers and yells from a Momentum video providing soothing white noise.Dragged from my return to slumber, Ashley was on the other line informing me that David needed a spot on the Carter highball, Dough Boy. There was a little emphasis on needed. Reluctantly (why, I'll never know) I decided to meet David and together we headed south to Carter Lake. What had started as a dreary, overcast, cold day had turned into perfect climbing conditions. Perfect for a send.
With a sblue skies above us and a breeze against our face, we immediately set up at the Dough Boy boulder. While David clearly had his sights set on Dough Boy, my longtime project, The Kahuna Roof, seemed to be calling to me from a mere 10 yards away. After a couple of attempts on Dough Boy, David and I headed down to Kahuna.Unfortunately, this was the last picture I got of David on Dough Boy . . . before he snagged the send!
After David finished his project, we headed back down to Kahuna, to appease me. For me, Kahuna Roof has been a problem that has eluded my climbing abilities on several occasions. Kahuna Roof seems to be one of the only problems that I seem to consistently forget/relearn beta to.While I have not previously spent a significant amount of time at Kahuna working out the moves, I feel that I've done the dyno enough to at least remember where my feet placements are! After several goes, I started to work out the moves as the temperature quickly dropped. Unable to snag the send, I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Carter to work out this Northern Colorado classic.Me moving to the sloper.
Drop-knee beta to get the side pull.
It was a beautiful day.

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