Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late as of Life

It's become readily apparent that I am in need of a camera. My point and shoot was rendered 90% useless after I accidentally through it off of a ridge in my pad and well, I agree with the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I've been fortunate to be making it up into the Poudre about once a week, lately, and have been feeling a lot stronger. While in the canyon with a film crew, I was able to dial in Short Chubby Demon my first time seriously working it. Also had a little bit of fun on the Party Trick, which is actually quite a fun line.

A few weeks later, after one session, I was able to send the Stoner Traverse and began working on the Puffin Traverse. Having previously dispatched Scarface (one of the coolest problems I've been on), I've been slightly let down being that the repeat of this problem after my summer biking injuries has been unsuccessful. I'd like to wire it to the point that it's a send every time.

I was also fortunate enough to make it into Red Feather with Ashley, David, Amanda, and Jacob one day. Seeing a cool line on an arete, I decided to give it a go. While I added some very contrived moves for my lanky beta (a mantle/high step), I felt like it was an interesting problem nonetheless. After climbing it, David told me I was likely the first.

While it was maybe a V2, the esteemed "First Ascent" title felt wonderful. I decided to name it Bilbo Baggins on Stilts, due to the interesting move I did and because I had Aesop Rock on the brain. It's rather sad that, I will admit, I have already been conjuring other "FA" names to apply to later climbs I do. So far Coffee Shop (which appears to be my running nickname in the climbing community) and Brown Eyes (after someone who greatly influenced my life) have come to mind. Now it's time to explore!

Closer to town, I've been using Rotary as a training tool, attempting to create a variety of circuts that vary in difficulty depending on the level I want to climb at for the day. It's been nice knowing that I still have many of my hardest sends up there wired. From Talent Scout Roof, Standard, Corner Lock, and the Right Eliminator problems, to the pumpy Punk Rock Traverse, I am begining to get these problems wired and feeling a lot stronger.

Here's some film that I have taken over the last year. The only difference, you ask? It's now edited together (albeit poorly) with some good music by the Automated Drone Society. Check it out!