Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

It happened. After winning awards and accolades for my photography, my passion was taken from my hands when I was burglarized several years ago. With the low prices of film cameras, another nice 35mm format would have been within my budget, though my lack of access to a dark room and the desire to be in control of the creativity of my pictures (not having someone else print them for me) persuaded me otherwise. I still plan on operating a dark room, one day, though I have been turned onto the functionality of digital photography. Not only has the technology progressed leaps and bounds since its inception, but the environmental impacts can be easily distingushed as well. Well, enough with the back story. Here are the first pictures I've taken in over 3 years with my new Canon 40D. Thanks baby Jesus, and especially Mom and Dad.
Wow, I miss home times like these! Delicious breakfast and I don't need to help clean!
The surprise picture of my mom.
My Aunt Becky.
The Family.
Uncle Ron.
My Gramps.
Wendy and Uncle Randy.
She's a good actor.
My cousin Corey.

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