Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a Simpe Kine of Life

I've been dealing with a shoulder cuff injury for about the past 6 months. Seeing a physical therapist/chiropractor for this time period has been very helpful, as I have been getting strong once again. Regardless, I have come to terms that I will most likely be needing surgery in the future. Bummer.Still, I have managed to get out a couple of times recently, accomplishing a project I'd not yet returned to in the Poudre, and repeating a classic in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Simple, a V6 at the Bog in the Poudre Canyon, was a climb that felt within my capabilities two years or so ago. Fooling around on the Simple boulder after a day at the Bog, I'd always planned to come back fresh for the send.
John and I carefully crossed the Poudre, which was doable, yet still slightly precarious. I b-lined it towards the Simple boulder, rehearsed the moves, and quickly fired my project, instantaneously reminding me of why I enjoy climbing so much. My last project, sent last fall, was Powerglide up at Rotary Park, Horsetooth Reservoir. Accomplishing a new climb is always an invigorating feeling.

The following weekend, I made the walk up to Emerald Lake with my good friend John, and a new friend Trisha. Meeting Melissa at the Kine boulder and her project, the Kine, John and Trisha quickly began working the moves on the Girlfriend Problem while Melissa and I played around on the Kine.
A couple of summers ago, I made my introduction to climbing in the Park at the Kine boulder with David and Ashley Lloyd. While I dispatched the Kine on my first day climbing in the Park, and proceeded to work on Mr. Wimpy for several return visits, it felt nice to be able to compare my recent send (and efforts on Mr. Wimpy) to the previous visits.

I am intending on returning to the Park tomorrow to get yet another video of me on Mr. Wimpy while Melissa sends her project, The Kine. Stoked.