Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just a Little Horsin' Around

Headed up to Rotary with my buddy Matt tonight, after a day of overcast goodness. While it was still a warm day, the lack of sun exposure on the sun diminished the amount of residual heat that was perspiring off the Horsetooth sandstone.

Our first stop was the Ship's Prow, a beautiful feature I absolutely love warming up on. Feeling a bit slutty in the late afternoon sun, I decided to make use of the perfect light and grab a video of me on Gill Reach; a problem that, until late, I was unwilling to commit to.

While Matt didn't send in this video (I left his big drop in) he was on top of Ship's Prow moments later.

Being that it was Matt's second day out climbing in quite some time, I decided against Mental Block. Instead, we headed to Penny Boulder where a good time can almost always be found. Procuring a little more sluttyness, I set up my camera again to catch a shot of me on the Penny Dyno from the side-pulls.

We hung out at the Penny Boulder for a while longer as I showed Matt some of the contrived climbs I have fooled around on prior to our departure.

I absolutely love how inspired by nature I am. I have found myself saying, several times over, that the worst day climbing is still a good day. Whether it is due to the physical release of stress and energy, the mental meditation associated with preparation for a climb, or the amazing settings I consitantly find myself in, I am forever indebted to this sport. If you couldn't guess, it was a good day.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thursday Night Contrivances

I headed up to Rotary with Cameron, Brian, and Matt today, with the intention of working out the guidebook for this year's Horsetooth Hang. We started on the Ship's Prow and came up with an interesting cheese-log of a problem called the "One Armed Bandit." It's hideous. After a few attempts at the dyno, we moved down to Punk Rock. Attempting the most sandbagged start ever, a lay-down start in a horrible seam at Punk, the name "Dirtburgler in Paradise" seemed fitting. While it wasn't the most productive evening, in terms of working out the kinks in the Hang's guidebook, it certainly was a fun one.