Friday, April 3, 2009

Roundtable Rotary Discussion

Tonight, the NC3 held a general meeting with the climbing public from Northern Colorado to discuss current issues at Rotary Park. With Larimer County receiving a substantial grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), the climbing population in Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have a portion of these funds allocated for use at Rotary Park.

Aside from the simple fact that climbers constitute the largest user group at Rotary Park, many climbers have been acutely aware of the developing problems at Rotary Park and, therefore, are seen as valuable sources of information regarding not only problems, but also solutions that will affect the area.

Focusing on a broad list of topics from erosion, social trailing, and vegetation destruction to trash, social group conflicts, and other points of interest, community members contributed valuable insight as to what Rotary Park’s priority problems are. Of the several problems discussed, the priority issues that the climbing public would like to see addressed are erosion and social trailing.

Concerning erosion, two points of interest were brought to mention throughout the evening’s discussion. First, the erosion around the ridge-line has become moderate to severe in many areas, with the area above the Ship’s Prow showing some of the most dominant signs of use. Second, several landing areas that have seen considerable erosion were mentioned, such as Talent Scout, Meditation, Penny Pitch, and Mental Block.

Of the two main focuses of erosion, the community tonight appeared to be in consensus that the current erosion of the ridgeline is the priority. In attempting to bring about a solution to the amount of traffic that this area sees, Mark Willford mentioned the establishment of two separate trails; one for “climber use” and one for “beach access.” With both of these designated trails circumventing the main ridgeline, and the erection of a sturdy fencing (such as the one that can be found at the Piano Ridge Boulders), climbers tonight felt that it would significantly affect the amount of erosion the area is currently undergoing.

The issue of social trailing was also a main concern for those in attendance this evening. With the knowledge that Larimer County intends to have only one beach access trail, the discussion of which trail sees the most beach access arose. Also, social trailing around the boulders was mentioned as a substantial aspect of the social trailing problem.

Having assumed that, should there be only two trail heads leading from the parking lot—in an attempt to deal with erosion—social trailing above the ridgeline would essentially be taken care of. Knowing this, those in attendance tonight sought to solve the problem of social trailing around the boulders and leading to beach access.

It was wonderful watching the climbing community come together tonight, providing us with their valuable input. We are thoroughly looking forward to our continued work with Larimer County and its residence!

If you were unable to be in attendance this evening, please support your climbing community next Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30 at the Fort Collins Senior Center (address below). A summary of the Rotary Park Trail Improvements Meeting (With Larimer County Parks) is provided below. We hope to see you there!

When: Tuesday, April 7th (6:00pm)
What: Rotary Park Trail Improvements Meeting (With Larimer County Parks)
General Agenda: (exact agenda to be posted at a later date)

  • Summary of Rotary Trail Improvement Project
  • Guided Discussion on climber concerns directly pertaining to improvement project (no discussion of user fees, or non-GOCO project related topics)
  • Guided discussion of trail work solutions and signage development associated with GOCO grant project


Fort Collins Senior Center
1200 Raintree Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80526

(970) 221-6644

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