Sunday, April 5, 2009

"It's a Big-Land-Ia, After All"

Sometimes it all comes together, and even when it falls apart, it only appears that way.

Aspiring for a climbing day before the forecasted storm, Ashley and David (who coincidentally had Friday off due to the last clip of snow) were planning on meeting Alexis and I in Eldo. And, once again, the Eldo plans that were, proved not to be.

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Heading down from Fort Collins, Ashley called to say that the storm looked like it had already settled in behind Boulder and that they were heading for Carter Lake. Another call was in order, due to wind, and the new destination turned out to be Biglandia. Never one to be timid in respect to dirt burglers (if you happen to read this Cam), Alexis and I were game.

Always Smilin'

Meeting David and Ashley at the Rotund Boulder, I couldn't help but note the magical qualities of Carter Lake. If the weather is rolling into the Front Range, head to Carter and you'll most likely be blessed with a beautiful day. Perhaps my luck has been greater than most, but I have only run into unfavorable weather at Carter once.

Ashley working out "The Rotund"

Warming up near the finish of David and Ashley's project, The Rotund, Alexis was quick to dispatch an unamed sit start with a licheny top-out. David was the first to attempt The Rotund, much to the dismay of Ashley. "Did you just try to snake the send from me?" She asked bitterly. Of course David had.

Alexis on top of the unnamed problem.

In between Ashley and David's attempts, all four of us were playing around on Ponts De Lyon, a sit down start with some fairly asthetic moves. The crux of this problem comes with a dynamic, large movement out right to a deep crimp. Focusing my energy on this problem, I felt smooth everytime I did the lower moves, yet always seemed to overshoot/undershoot/or just plain miss the deep crimp. After a small tick, I fired the problem and felt it had been in a very clean style, dead-pointing into the crimp without loosing any feet.

David Getting At It On "The Rotund"

With Ashley and I happy from our sends, and everyone's fingertips a bit sore, we began to pack to head down to the Big Betty Boulder when the homeowner in the valley decided to come say hello. I had met Jeff and his dog previously and again enjoyed conversing with him. I was very happy to hear that he has never run into any problems with any of the climbers at Biglandia. He is a down-to-earth individual that has a very carefree attitude and it's a pleasure to share our boulders with his backyard peacefully.

David on the Slab Problem

Down at the Big Betty Boulder, with the wind picking up, we all warmed down on the fun slab problem and had a good time playing on the traverse. Hiking out, still surrounded by the ominous signs of a storm, we had spent the entire day without a worry of any percipitation and, at one point in time, considered it too warm! Thanks for hosting another beautiful day Carter!

David, ushering in the wind that eventually drove us out.

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