Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gravity wins . . . almost . . . but then.

I met up with my buddy, Jordan, on Monday at Carter with the intentions of getting Kahuna Roof, the latest of my projects that I sent, on video and working out a few of the moves on Dough Boy, an intimidating tall compression line.

After initially snagging the send, I was dismayed that my batteries had run low on my camcorder and it turned off just prior to the send. With fresh batteries I hopped back onto the Front Range Classic. Both Jordan and I were surprised when, after taking a fall due to my right hand slipping off the side-pull, I was uninjured, though shaken up. I grabbed the send on my next attempt and put together this little video, available in high def.

The next day, though i was sore, was all too beautiful to pass up. In the late afternoon I headed up to Rotary and hopped on the Bolt Wall to warm up, put down Mental Block Standard on my first try and turned my focus to Cornerlock, a problem I've "had wired" on several different occasions though I can never seem to send it first go.

Moving off the left hand gaston into the seam, I thought I had done everthing right . . . until my right hand popped out and sent me spinning downwards. Missing the pad with all but my ankles, my hip seemed to adequately find the peak of an embedded rock giving me a beautiful baseball sized bruise on my ass that seems to only be increasing in size and colorful spleandor. Fortunate for me, though, is the fact that I didn't break my hand/wrist when I came thrutching down towards the ground.

I guess it was my body's (or gravity's, for that matter) way of telling me to take a break, considering I didn't listen at Kahuna. I look forward to returning fresh, healthy, and looking forward to a full spring!


Alexis Sanders said...

Nice work on Kahuna. I'd like to get out with you guys.

dick chuck said...

Do you live locally? You aren't perhaps the Alexis I know from Miramont (at the Pure premier this eveing)? I'm always looking for more new people to climb with!

Alexis Sanders said...

Yeah I'm the Alexis you know. Hadn't seen you in a while. I'm off on a week long road trip, but we should get together when I get back. My email is